Under Construction

due to clever new title!  come back soon-



2 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Maybe you should just hop on the trendwagon and call it #shitpedestriansdo- I feel like that’s an annoying but amusing trend. #shitmydadsays #shitmybosssays #shitinmytoiletandmovethefuckonpeople
    Back to the topic, the town I’m from is about 15,000 people and pedestrains own the streets- who cares what laws they are breaking- you have constantly yield to them and they move like fucking sheep. or turtles. or #insertslowanimalhere. So really, from MY experience, Tucson isn’t so bad… but maybe it’s all about perspective… #slowforpedestrians

    P.S. I came. I saw. I commented. Now, back to stalking.

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